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The vast array of financial, legal and tax issues surrounding an estate in probate can be challenging and regulations often change from year to year. We can help you navigate this ever-changing landscape.
Trust Management

Let Hordin's Income Tax Service's extensive probate management experience help ease a difficult time by handling the complex probate accounting for you and your family. The probate court process generally lasts several months, often a year or more before all the property is identified, accounted for and distributed.

Proper estate planning helps minimize these expenses, but Hordin's Income Tax Service's experts can also expedite the process in a timely and sensitive manner.

Trust Management Services
  • Mail processing
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Confirm probate estate
  • File statement of claim
  • Prepare and file insurance claims
  • Provide assistance with local counsel
  • Negotiate and settle probate
  • Monitor and process
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