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 Filing Reminder: There are 12 weeks until the Third Quarter filing deadline for estimated taxes on income prior to October 1st, 2024.
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A sound financial and tax management strategy is a year-round process, not just a filing once a year.

By maintaining and updating tax information throughout the year, you can avoid any end-of-the-year surprises while minimizing your overall tax bill. Preparation and filing your returns should be the last step in an ongoing and methodic financial management strategy designed to maximize your profits, minimize your tax liability and reduce the time you spend worrying about the latest tax requirements, filing deadlines, laws and practices.

Hordin's Income Tax Service Can Help.

  • IRS Representation as an Enrolled Agent
  • Tax Planning and Strategy for Individuals
  • Tax Planning and Strategy for Business
  • Asset Preservation through Estate and Trust Planning
  • Probate and Conservatorship Accounting
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